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...___[||Fold To My Arms, Hold Their Mesmeric Sway||]

And Dance Out To The Moon As We Did In Those Golden Days.

†..:Blasphemous Angel:..†
15 January
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You are now entering a world of
madness, disillusion, profanities and
most of all, insomnia

I invite you to indulge without restraint

I will not be held responsible for any side effects resulting
from the reading of this journal.

The Girl
I am a multifaceted girl who is never the same twice. I can be a crooning baby doll, the biggest bitch you've ever met, a complete goofball, or a delicate faery. All are options and all have happened. I am completely different than everyone else. I AM ME I am often imitated, but never duplicated. I am loyal to a fault. If you are my friend and you need me, I am there in a heartbeat.
Clothes: My clothes are completely me. I can go from being romantic, wearing flowy black skirts and lace to being completely wild which includes (but is never limited to) fishnets, ripped up jeans, spikes, lace and lots of glitter
Hair: My hair must HATE me. I abuse it to no end. It's been brown, brown with highlights, blonde, burgundy, purple, bright red, pink, black, black with green streaks, blue and fuschia. So yeah...almost every color. How my hair is still alive is beyond me..
Nicknames: Cat, Cyd, Faery, Wednesday, Sprite, Lolli, Raven, Ginger

Height: 5'0. (though you can rarely tell because I ALWAYS wear heels...big ones.)
Natural Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde/ Light Brown
Current Hair Colour: Bright Black
Eye Colour: Green
Instruments Played: Bass, Violin
Currently In A Band?: Yes! Bassist and backing vocalist for Cannibal Kisses

♥ Loves ♥
playing bass
playing violin

finding nemo
thunder and lightning
copy cat stalkers!

Save your Swoons, I'm Spoken For.
I am very much in love with my boyfriend Alex (frigginalex). I am his and his alone and I will never compromise that. I am his pet, his lady, and his love. And he will put anyone who hits on me in a world of hurt.

Turn It The Fuck Up!
Emilie Autumn
Jack off Jill
Depeche Mode
The Smiths
Lacuna Coil
Avenged Sevenfold
Kill Hannah
Marilyn Manson
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Switchblade Symphony
Anabolic Frolic
Lords of Acid
The Faint
Dir En Grey
Miss Kittin and the Hacker
Apoptygma Beserk
The Cruxshadows
Head Room (Alex's Band)
The Cure
Darling Violetta
David Bowie
Malice Mizer
The Violent Femmes
My Ruin
Cradle of Filth
Theatre of Tragedy
Eighteen Visions
Psycho le Cemu
Moi Dix Mois
Killswitch Engage
Inkubus Sukkubus
Maroon 5
Queen Adreena
The Birthday Massacre

My Journal


This is MY journal. I will be as pissed off/negative/depressed as I want, and if you have an issue with that then don't read this. I love love LOVE gore, blood, and death. I will talk about it/post pictures of me faking my own death on numerous occasions. Once again, if this will offend you, don't read this. I am really open about things and I am always free to listen should you need me. I am a very loyal friend and if you're on my friends list, then you're not just a person reading my lj, you are my friend. I loooove getting and giving comments..so yeah. Love me and comment!
And do NOT do not DO NOT steal ANY of my icons/layouts/setup of my user info or I will hunt you down. If you're going to blatantly use my shit, at least ask first. Or fuck if you want a layout like mine, ASK and I WILL make one for you! Just don't take my shit!
Such information was all made/written by/designed by ME and therefor is copyrighted TO ME. If this information is plagarized in anyway I will make sure that you are reported to the LJ abuse team

With that in mind, feel free to add me. But, comment and let me know so I can add you back.


Yes. I AM that much of a romantic.

my pet!

Mary Bell is 10 Year Old Serial Killer Love.

Slipknot is fucking retarded. Take off the stupid masks you dumb fucks.

Accepted At: __hotbitches__(MoD), beingsoflegend(vampire, drangon lady), candy_corpses, divinities(Kali, Hecate, Morrigan), ghoulish_gals, lotr_elves(Luthien Tinuviel), of_myth, we_are_fae(dark faery), xmetal_dolliesx, candy_corpses, rottenbeauties (MoD), envi_us, suicidalxwh0re, rate_a_goddess
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come die with us!
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